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Central U.P. Conditions

Drummond Island

After the guys groomed the trails were in much better shape. We still had a few problem areas along the shore areas where the cedar trees provided a canopy over the trail not allowing the snow to get on the trail and a rough spot in a logging area on the quarry trail BUT the good news is it is snowing right now and we have a east wind coming which will blow snow on to the trail from the ice. So far today we have got about 3 inches of new snow and we are expecting a total of 3-6 inches. If we get all of that we should be in great shape (and its looking like we will get the 6 inches). It looks like a beautiful snow globe out there right now! Keep on dancing!       


With daytime temps reaching 40 this week the trails have got a bit sloppy and thin. It’s been to warm to groom during the day and limited at night. The trails in the U.P., North and far west, are still in fair to good shape with some thin corners and icy spots. The Tip of the Mitt and eastern U.P. did pick up 3-5 inches of wet snow yesterday and it got into the teens last night so I’m thinking today is the day. Most of the lower is in rough shape and with the warm temps for the weekend they will not last long, north or south. I’m going to ride the far northern lower today and will let you know what I find. Till next time, have fun, be safe, and I’ll see you on the trail.

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