Mary H. Faculak,East Jordan Area Chamber of Commerce

Awaiting Winter’s Arrival on The Breezeway

As I am writing this article two days prior to Thanksgiving, there has been little hints of snowflakes in the air. Hard to believe just one year ago today we had over a foot of snow on the ground. (However, it did disappear within a week). The weather forecasters are saying we are dealing with a strong El Nino this winter and our region is going to see warmer temperatures and lower precipitation. We may have to do another “Snow-Dance” like we did several years ago! That particular year we did a snow dance just prior to our winter festival. It started snowing the next day and it didn’t quit! I had a lot of people scold me for that! They still to this day will tell me “Don’t ever do that again!” All in good fun!

As we wait for winter’s arrival the communities of East Jordan, Ellsworth and Atwood have numerous holiday events coming up for residents and visitors to enjoy. Besides special events, the “natural beauty and outdoor activities are available for all to enjoy. Great hiking, hunting, rafting and stargazing can be enjoyed. Raven Hill Discovery Center is open year-round and offers so may exhibits and activities for the entire family, from the animal room to the technology center to the outside telescope and now the awesome Dylans Dock. The center is an amazing place to visit and explore.

Mary H. Faculak,East Jordan Area Chamber of Commerce

When visiting East Jordan, don’t forget to check out our Jordan Art Walk featuring our 20 sculptures. Be sure to visit the Grand Army Republic Park on Main Street which is home to Honor Star. A new arch has been added to the park which is under a major renovation project. Members of the East Jordan High School Welding Class made the beautiful one-of-a-kind arch and installed it just in time for Veteran’s Day. The complete renovation is expected to be done in time for Memorial Day 2024.

Wishing everyone a joyous and Happy Holiday Season from our East Jordan Area Chamber of Commerce staff and membership.

Most sincerely,

Mary H. Faculak


East Jordan Area Chamber of Commerce

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