Welcome to the Michigan Snowmobiler Magazine web site. Here you will find information about the oldest regional magazine in the United States. We are dedicated to promoting the sport of snowmobiling.

The Michigan Snowmobiler Magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling. The magazine is published six times per season, September through February. Although our emphasis is on snowmobiling in Michigan, we also cover tours and events in other states and Canada.

The Michigan Snowmobiler Magazine was first published in 1967, making it the oldest regional publication in the United States. We started as a racing publication simply because it was the only snowmobile related event to cover. Marked, groomed trails, tours and snowmobile resorts were non-existent in those days.

Soon after we became the official publication for the first Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA). We continued after they changed to the Michigan International Snowmobile Association (MISA) and when they split into the MISA and Michigan International Racing Association (MIRA). When the Michigan Association of Recreational Snowmobilers (MARS) was established, we became an independent publication.

We now cover all aspects of Snowmobiling including tours, events, great places to ride, snowmobile shows, and, of course, racing.

The Michigan Snowmobiler Magazine is also known for its unique advertising. We group the various advertisers from a community so that our readers have one-stop shopping for all their snowmobiling needs when visiting a specific area. We’ve even been referred to as “The Bible of Snowmobiling” when it comes to planning a trip, be it a day or several weeks.

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