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From a Front Yard Business to the #2 Yamaha Dealer, this is Pat’s Motorsports

In 1979 in a Northern Michigan town with a population of 100, a husband and wife started a business selling cars in their front yard. Today – 43 years later and after shifting to ORV and equipment sales in 2014 – that business ranks #1 in Yamaha Snowmobile sales in their District and #2 nationwide.

It is Pat’s Motorsports, located in Greenland, MI, now owned and managed by the original owner Pat McIntyre’s son, Kip McIntyre.

Pat’s is a full service dealer offering new and used snowmobiles, ATV’s, side by sides, snow bikes, lawn mowers, trailers and power equipment. They also run a robust rental business. 

Says Kip, “Growing up, my mother was an LPN and my dad worked in the Copper Mine for 16 years. After being laid off twice due to the unstableness of the mine, my parents started dabbling in the car sales business, got their dealer license and the rest is history.”

In 1985 the business moved into the building they are still in today. Kip took over the business in 2014, shifting from car sales to ORV and equipment sales. His wife, Trisha plays an integral role, running the day to day operations.

Pats Motorsports

About their success, Kip points to their committed and skilled employees, saying “our techs are well trained and highly experienced – they are the backbone of the business. And, being a family business, our staff is truly an extension of and part of the family. They tend to stay with us so we have great longevity among our whole team.”

He also sees their way of business as an ‘old school approach’ of putting service in front of sales. “For us sales is the byproduct of our service. We work to be quick, thorough and committed. We focus on that, and the sales come next,” he says.

Another thing unique to Pat’s is that they take walk ins, and turn them around quick.

Situated in the heart of the Ontonagen Trail, and not far from Bruce Crossing, the Bill Nichols trail and many others, Pat’s is surrounded by some of the best off road riding in Michigan and, arguably, the world. 

Pats Motorsports

They are also heavily involved in the community, the area and everything it represents. 

“In a town of 100 people, it’s just really important to look out for each other and for the area,” he says.

To that end, the business has donated funds to reopen both the Copper Peak Snowmobile Hill after 13 years, a treasured Ski Hill. They support Nick Keller and the Keller Family Community Foundation by offering parts and service pro bono. They also donate equipment to the Superior Snowmobile Club to help maintain the trails and are heavily involved with the Michigan Snowmobile and ORV Association (MISORVA,) offering ATV safety training classes, discounts on equipment and more. 

So, what’s in store for Pat’s in the future? Kip says the focus is to keep doing what they are doing and to continue striving to get better. “I have no plans on going anywhere,” he says. •

4 thoughts on “From a Front Yard Business to the #2 Yamaha Dealer, this is Pat’s Motorsports”

  1. Michael Goodreau

    Absolutely awesome article, my Uncle Pat and Aunt Claudia were pioneers is this business, Kip and Trish have taken it to a new and Vibrant Level! The employees are second to None!!!!

  2. We came in from a ride to get gas and was having a problem with our brand new polaris they checked them out and had us going in less than a hour they are awesome people. The Blake’s from indiana

  3. Great story about a family we had a pleasure to have known. Also did business with.

  4. I can certainly attest to Pats amazing service! I burned down my 600 Rush in January of this year. It was Monday morning and we had just hit the trail. I brought it in to Pat’s and they were able to look at it by mid-afternoon. They had the parts in stock and said “I think that we can have this put back together by tomorrow night”
    The total cost was also a little LESS than they said it would be!
    I was totally impressed and got to ride with my friends all day Wednesday.
    I cannot say enough about their people!
    People make a business!
    Thanks again Pat’s!
    Sincerely….. Joe

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