Owosso Speedway,I-500

Owosso Speedway: Perfect Race Destination

For the Serious Fan and Family Fun.

By Ric Federau, Contributing Writer

Doesn’t matter if you’re a race junkie or if you’re on a hot date or…… if you’re simply looking for a family fun night fun for ALL ages.   Then you have to take a look at the “ Owosso Speedway “.  I mean, let’s face it, it’s about fun, it’s about excitement and it’s about the excellent hospitality in the venue itself that provides the family with a night that they won’t forget as you build memories. That being said, let’s take a closer look at the Owasso Speedway and what it has to offer.

Owosso Speedway,I-500

The one thing I found between all types of racing venues is the fact that we’re all there for one good reason. We’re looking for the experience of the night.  One to remember. A good time, excitement, something that you can share with others.  When you share it, it multiplies. Hopefully by the time you get done reading this article you’re going to tell other people about the Owasso Speedway and what it has to offer. That being said, I’m going to take an inside and closer look to share with you what I know about the “ Owosso Speedway” and what I’ve experienced myself. The nice thing about it? It doesn’t matter if you’re a flagman or if you’re a spectator, or for your pit crew or if you’re just looking for a night of family fun. We all have that one thing in common as I mentioned a moment ago the “experience”. So that being noted, looking at the Owosso Speedway let’s share what it has to offer. First of all. the hospitality is second to none. The whole premises of this venue was to be built around family, community and a good full field of exciting racers to follow. Let’s enter the OWOSSO Speedway through this article.

The Wheeler family has put emphasis on providing race fans and families with the highest quality “EXPERIENCE” by putting visitors as their highest priority.   I can assure you as you’re reading about the “Owosso Speedway” you’ll take away information that we hope will inspire you to attend future races and it’ll help you to plan accordingly.  So, get your note pad ready I’m going to do my best to share some information that will help you and your family to have the best possible “EXPERIENCE” when visiting the “ Owosso Speedway”

Owosso Speedway,I-500

Let’s Start at the Entry Prices

You’ll be “experiencing” affordability.  Entry prices that are so affordable you can’t afford not to come to the track.  I can assure you; you’ll be hard pressed to find affordable prices that even come close to how inexpensive gate prices are at “Owosso Speedway” Check this out……  Guests can purchase entry online and… at the main gate.

• 21yrs & older: $14.00

• 20 yrs & under:  ALL races are absolutely FREE.  * Yeah, that’s right… FREE” 

• 60 yrs & older (well-seasoned) Only $12.00 

Seating:  Not a bad seat in the house, period. Obstruction free seating perched high above the track so fans can view all the action on the whole track from every angle.  Great seating.  With future expansion for seating, you’re going to be impressed what the “Owosso Speedway” has in store 

Hey… I told ya, affordable for families, hot-dates and well-seasoned race fans.  You CANNOT beat this anywhere for the Experience that builds memories.

Owosso Speedway,I-500

Pit Entry For Fans

Seriously?  Check this out.  Pit entry is possible at “ Owosso Speedway” fun for the young and old as well.  Note, for kids to enter the pit area they must be accompanied by a parent and…. must be “hand in hand “.  This is outstanding for family entertainment. Another outstanding opportunity and… “EXPERIENCE”.


I’ve been to auto race venues throughout Michigan. The menu at “Owosso Speedway” is topflight and like entry tickets very affordable.  Again, the plan is to cater to ALL guests, young and old.  The food options are many and the quality is outstanding.  Food service is well organized for large crowds.  The service is fast, friendly and efficient.  Prices are family affordable; the selection is outstanding.   

Owosso Speedway,I-500

Parking Availability

Mr. Wheeler has put together a parking facility to make easy access to the entry gates.  Hundreds of parking spaces are available within close proximity to the main entry gate.  Handi-cap parking is a priority and there are plenty of spaces available.  Guests who consider camping should contact the “ Owosso Speedway “ for instructions and availability in advance.

Owosso Speedway,I-500

Restroom facilities

Restrooms are extremely clean, well maintained and close to all seating with easy access and plenty of room.  Handi-cap accessible as well

There ya have it race fans, a race venue destination to fit any budget with quality accommodations, friendly staffing and hospitality conducive to enhancing a race fans night of excitement.  The ultimate fun night “ Experience”.

Here’s you contact follow up for advance planning and night of excitement and competitive racing.

Visit WWW.OWOSSOSPEEDWAY.COM for rate dates and policy.

There ya have it folks, what did I tell ya?   “Information that will help YOU plan your next visit to the exciting “ Owosso Speedway”.  One of the most prestigious 3/8 mile tracks in the Good ole U.S.A.

The pleasure of sharing this information with you has been mine.  The excitement and “ EXPERIENCE” will be all yours…

For schedule information for both venues, visit: owossospeedway.com &  I-500.com  

Owosso Speedway,I-500

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