I-500,I-500 Pure-Michigan Summer Tour

The I-500 Pure-Michigan Summer Tour

By Ric Federau, Contributing Writer

The international snowmobile race is attempting to bring race fans from auto racing and snowmobile racing together to enjoy the ultimate experience in professional racing.  In 2023 the International 500 decided to hit the road on a summer tour titled the, “ I-500 Pure Michigan summer tour”. This tour was designed to visit a number of race venues throughout Michigan during the offseason from snowmobile racing in an effort to promote the sport of snowmobile oval ice endurance racing and the I-500.  It’s an attempt to bring race fans together so they can go from a summer fall racing season and move right into winter racing with the International 500.

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The success of the “ I-500 Pure Michigan Summer Tour”  for 2023 was over the top.  Visiting the summer auto racing venues gave the I-500 the opportunity to promote the I-500 race while bringing race fans together for year round racing enjoyment and to share information about the I-500;  We advocate that racing doesn’t stop when the leaves fall and it’s our objective to have as many people as we can learn more about our event. It’s our intention to share information about the I-500 in hopes of getting more people interested in attending the race in person.   Plus… it’s an initiative to share information about the sport of oval ice endurance racing.

All this being said, We’re now announcing the schedule for the. 2024  “ I-500 Pure Michigan Summer Tour” campaign.

We hope to see a lot of you race fans at one of the following venues on our summer tour schedule.  Team drivers and snowmobile race sleds will be on hand to meet & greet race fans. Please stop by and say “ Hey.”

For additional I-500 information, visit us at: www.i-500.com


Season Schedule

May 26  Flat Rock Speedway

June 19  Owosso Speedway

June 22  Whittemore Race Track

July 12  Birch Run Speedway

Aug. 3  Merritt Speedway

Aug. 7  Berlin Speedway” (Grand Rapids)

Aug. 10  Owosso Speedway

Aug. 24-25 Laird Speedway (Ontario Canada)

Aug. 30  Kinross Speedpark

Sept 1  Norway Speedway

Sept.21 Owosso Speedway.

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