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White Star Motorsport Auction,Canada,USA,Snowmobile

White Star Motorsport Auction is the “go to” place for quality sports vehicles.

White Star Motorsport Auction is a multi-generation owned auction house known by U.S. and Canadian clients as the “go to” place for quality sports vehicles.

By Brent Wilber,  Contributing Writer

The auctioneer’s voice announces all the sled information as hundreds of buyers sit and wait in anticipation…

“It’s a Ski Doo Renegade 600cc with 1623 miles, the motor runs, electric start and reverse, tall windshield, 137” track, and it has a registration, what do ya want to bid ? I have $3000.00 bid, who’d give $3250, now $3500.00 to the bidder on the right bleachers” — and the bidding continues as buyer’s hands rise in the air, and in just over 1 minute’s time the auctioneer calls out — “ I have $5250.00 bid, are there any more bids ? SOLD to buyer 329 and thank you for the bids”. The buyer smiles in delight as he anticipates the winter fun awaiting him on his Ski Doo.

This scene repeats itself 100’s of times at each of the monthly White Star Motorsport Auctions in Bronson, Michigan. Hundreds of buyers and sellers from 5 states and Canada attend the auctions which are held on the first Saturday of the month during the season.

The White Star Motorsport Auction started operations in 1974, and is now entering it’s 49th year of motorsport auctions at the same location. The White Star is owned and operated by Brent and Ginny Wilber. It is now a 5th generation auction company as Brent’s gramps, Henry Wilber, started the family auction business in 1919 in Bronson. “ We have grandparents, parents, bothers, sisters, cousins, grandkids, in-laws, and life long friends who work at the auctions with us. We are blessed with an excellent staff of people who represent us as they work with the buyers and sellers ” stated co-owner Ginny Wilber. Auctioneer, close friend and right hand man Randy Ludwick is celebrating 50 years working with the Wilber’s at the White Star Auction.

White Star Motorsport Auction,Canada,USA,Snowmobile

White Star Motorsport Auction,Canada,USA,Snowmobile

“We have seen many changes over the last 49 years as the motorsport industry has changed” said Brent Wilber, auctioneer and co-owner. “ We started snowmobiling in 1971 and the changes in technology and comfort have been absolutely amazing since we began riding. Now we ride sleds and atv’s that are very comfortable and reliable. These are great sports for families and groups of friends, and life long memories are made every time riders get out on the trails. We still ride with our family and friends in the summer and winter months ”.

These fun sports get bigger every year. According to the ISMA, there are 1.2 million registered snowmobiles in the USA, 130644 new snowmobiles were sold world wide in 2021/22, snowmobiling alone generates over $30 BILLION worth of economic activity in North America every year, and when you add in the other outdoor recreation sports activities it generates an estimated $689 BILLION worth of US economic activity. Snowmobilers donate over $3 million for national charities, and the same is true of other groups of recreational riders.

The White Star Motorsport Auction business has also seen changes in the market and auction operations since 1974. “ In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, we were selling between 700 and 900  snowmobiles at each auction. It was amazing ! At that time, the monetary exchange rate with Canada made it profitable for the Canadians to sell in the USA ” Brent explains. “ Then 911 happened, and the world changed for all of us. We continued to have 100’s of sleds, atvs, and trailers at each monthly auction, but the numbers were down to 200 to 400 to be sold at each auction.”

White Star Motorsport Auction,Canada,USA,Snowmobile

White Star Motorsport Auction,Canada,USA,Snowmobile

Another market change for the White Star Auction is that bidders who can not attend the auctions in person can  make absentee bids on any of the items lotted to be sold. The White Star absentee bidding process is simple, easy, and honest. Buyers can go on the White Star website at SNOWMOBILEAUCTION.COM and look at the inventory pictures and descriptions, then call the auction office to leave their bids on items they want. “ We let the on-site, in person buyers start the bidding on every item. If we have an absentee bid, we assign an on-site representative for the absentee buyer to bid on their behalf. That representative bids for the absentee buyer and if he can get the item for less than the absentee buyer’s top bid price, the absentee buyer only pays the actual bid price. We are very honest and never take advantage of any absentee bidder’s bids. ” Brent said. “ We still believe in old fashioned honesty, smiles, handshakes, and our word is our bond. We cherish our buyers and sellers. We have many customers who have done business with us for decades. We want long term customers who come back again and again ”. 

When Covid hit, the auction facility was closed for a year since they have large crowds who attend the auctions inside the buildings. The motorsport auctions started again in April of 2021 and there have been two very noticeable results of covid. “ During covid, people wanted to get out and enjoy the outdoor sports, away from other people. The entire market inventory of all recreational vehicles became scarce as people were buying anything and everything they could find – snowmobiles, atvs, utv,s watercraft, and campers. The short supply of recreational vehicles resulted in prices that went up, due to supply and demand.” Brent continues “ We see the inventory supply increasing some, but it is still a tight market. Prices have been strong, and interest in sleds, atvs, utvs, trailers and watercraft remain high. “

White Star Motorsport Auction,Canada,USA,Snowmobile

White Star Motorsport Auction,Canada,USA,Snowmobile

“ We explain to sellers that they are much better off placing their recreational items in a competitive bidding format for the highest price they can get—like our auctions. We tell buyers that it works well for them to buy where there are many items to chose from, they can inspect the items prior to bidding, they can bid whatever amount they want, and there are no hassles with on-line problems. We check every item we sell to be sure there are no stolen items. When people buy at the White Star, the buyers never get stuck with a stolen item, like what happens with some on-line and social media sales sites.” Brent added.

The White Star folks always say that the White Star Motorsport Auctions are NOT just an auction. They are an motorsports EVENT. Many people come to see friends, make new friends, reminisce as they see sleds from many years ago, and enjoy being with 100’s of other motorsport enthusiasts.

“We encourage everyone to join a club and support our sports with your time and money. We are commercial members of the Michigan Snowmobile/ORV Association, as well as the American Council of Snowmobile Associations which is based right here in Michigan. We support our sports, and we look forward to seeing you at the motorsport auctions this season “ Brent concluded.

Committed to the Community and Outdoor Motorized Sports

Public service is nothing new for the Wilber’s. Brent was on the Bronson Fire Department for 37 years, 19 of that as Fire Chief. He is also an Emergency Medical Technician, as well as a state EMS and Fire Instructor. Brent worked at the Branch County Sheriff Department in the 1980’s. He served on the Bronson school board and many other community groups, and was on the Branch County 9-1-1 Central Dispatch Board for 19 years.  Henry Wilber was the mayor of Bronson for 12 years. Garth Wilber is in the National Auctioneer Association and Michigan Auctioneer Association hall of fame. The White Star Auction is truly a family business.

Snow City is located on the White Star Auction property and is owned by Scott Wilber, who is the Bronson Fire Department Chief. Scott also works as a contract firefighter in Grayling for the Camp Grayling Military/Grayling fire department. Snow City sells hundreds of new snowmobile tracks across the country each year, and has an extensive inventory of new snowmobile, atv, and utv parts, accessories and clothing. Snow City’s website can be accessed at SNOWCITYMI.COM.  The store phone number is 517-369- 2001, and you’ll talk with long time manager Jim Webb.

White Star Motorsport Auction,Canada,USA,Snowmobile

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