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Vintage Sled

Diesel Cat

This ol’ 1070 Artic Cat Panther originally had a 399 Kohler engine. It now has the following: 1982 two-cylinder, air cooled Onan diesel. 60 cubic inch engine, compression ratio-19:1, injection pump – reconditioned American Bosch, pop off injectors. Air Flo Tech air cleaner,  Hirth exhaust manifold, Chevy S-10 alternator. Re-machined S.B. Check crankshaft pulley, Crankshaft to clutch hub-machined @ HTD Muffler – Triumph motorcycle with flapper. Honda Goldwing cooling fan. Evinrude Bobcat cloth with neutral.Evenrude torque converter & reverse gearbox (with added jack shaft)

Vintage Sled

Vintage Sled

• Johnson handle bars & leavers

• Dauphin snowmobile headlight

• Arctic Cat big mouth hood – cut & raised 8” to make room for the very tall diesel

• SkiDoo Olympic windshield

• Cat powered semi snow flap

• Suspension – extra leaf springs added in front & extra idler wheels on rear

• This creation was made by Scott Havercroft in 2018. Greenbusch, MI •

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