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Copper Harbor Fuel Stop,Ron Baltic,Mike Borlee

Copper Harbor Fuel Stop Gets New Owner

To the valued customers, residents, tourists and businesses of Copper Harbor,

From the moment I (Mike) was introduced to the Keweenaw nearly four decades ago, I fell in love with the incredible scenery, the simple and refreshing way it can recharge a weary soul, and the kindness and comradery of its people. Throughout those years, along with my wife, we became fortunate enough to be able to establish a little slice to call ‘home’ in this beautiful landscape that many of us hold so dear. We continued to feel drawn to the spirit, the rich history, and the potential for future opportunities to showcase this magical place. It was with those intentions and perspective, that we took a leap of faith and committed ourselves, our family and our energy to Copper Harbor in another unique way.

In mid-2016 we took our business experience and knowledge and purchased 715 Gratiot street which was a retail gasoline outlet at that time. The business goal was to provide long term sustainable availability of gasoline, diesel and related products and services to the Copper Harbor community that could seamlessly co-exist in the ever-demanding tourism-based scene and also promote a year-round source of livelihood. An additional purpose of this investment was to create a professional opportunity that could establish stability for an owner-operator to be present and thrive within the business and community. Throughout the past four years, we’ve worked hard to make this a reality, and we are very pleased to announce that it has finally come to fruition.

As of March 1st, 2021, it is with great excitement and confidence that we introduce Ron Baltic as the new owner operator of the Copper Harbor Fuel Stop. We want to ask our valued community members, customers and visitors to extend a warm welcome to Ron as he begins this adventure. We trust that he will find the same kindness, assistance, and collaboration is provided to him that you’ve all given graciously to us throughout these building years.

It’s with great pride, gratitude, and to be honest, a bit of bittersweet sentiment, that we thank each of you for supporting us. We have truly appreciated how you all welcomed us in, guided and sheltered us when things were tough, and offered various types of encouragement along the way. This final outcome is a culmination of all the efforts put forth in investing in the greater community’s economic success by providing reliable gasoline, diesel and convenience-related products to the residents and visitors of the village and beyond.

Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts. Now, let’s welcome Ron and make it a great summer!


Mike and Suzi Borlee

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