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Katelynn Grover,Bikini Radar Run

Katelynn Grover, 9, to Participate in Bikini Radar Run

By Stephen King

OK, of all the stories I do, from time to time I get one that really hits home. This time, a little neighbor of mine, 9-year-old Katelynn Grover is the one tugging on my heart strings. You see, she is a kid I see around a lot. Lives pretty close by.

Now, all in all, she’s a pretty good kid. But, this time, she has really stepped it up. You see, she wants to compete in the Bikini Radar Run that is part of the Houghton Lake Tip-Up Town event scheduled for Jan. 31 and Feb. 14. She is also considering competing in TNT’s Ride Like a Girl to Save the Girls. This event is hosted by female racer Courtney Fender as part of the East Jordan Sno Blast, a winter carnival-type event to be held the weekend of Feb. 20.

These annual events raise money for cancer patients. The Houghton Lake event is sponsored by Fast Eddie’s Vintage Sleds. The event has been going on for a few years now and has raised quite a bit of money for people trying to combat the financial burden of fighting cancer. This is the third annual TNT event; last year, it raised about $11,000.

Now, for Katie, she is a kid that just loves helping others. She also loves riding her sled. Her dad was into the whole racing lifestyle a few years back. So, she kind of got a push start from him. But she had the idea of competing in this year’s Bikini Radar Run — to combine two of the things she loves doing.

As a friend of Katie, her dad Kris and sister Klara, I just lit right up when I heard she was doing this. Right away, I was like “count me in.” So, Michigan Snowmobiler magazine decided to be one of her sponsors.

Now, with all the bad stuff that has been going on, I think we need a bit of good news. So, we have an 9-year-old girl wanting to raise money to help others. And she is not some spoiled rich kid. Her dad works for a living. So, I think that is some very good news. Sometimes it takes a young girl to show us what we should really want to be like when we grow up.

So, come on out and cheer Katelynn on — and support the Bikini Radar Run and the people they help out.

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