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Bikini,snowmobile,Bikini Radar Run,charity

Bikinis and Snowmobiles Heating Up Winter For A Cause

If that headline doesn’t get your attention, you don’t need a test for COVID-19; you need a test to see if you have a pulse. When you take some beautiful women wearing bikinis and they race in a radar run, this cannot get any better — except when they are doing it for a cause. And that is why Courtney Fender started the annual Bikini Radar Run in East Jordan.

I met Courtney a few years back after hearing quite a bit about her. She was making a name for herself on the winter drag racing circuit. As a matter of fact, I featured her in my old column, Racer of the Month.

Back then, I was totally impressed. She was totally pretty, a very nice person and an excellent racer. Having her in my column was a no-brainer because she really deserved the attention.

Bikini,snowmobile,Bikini Radar Run,charity

Bikini,snowmobile,Bikini Radar Run,charity

Now, years later, I keep hearing about her prowess on the track. I have also started hearing things about the work she is doing for charity. She has gotten very involved in promoting snowmobile racing, women’s snowmobiling in general, and in raising funds for charity.

Almost three years ago, she started her Bikini Radar Run. Last winter, in only its second year, she managed to raise about $11,000 for charity — an amazing accomplishment for this young woman.

She has done this in conjunction with the annual Sno-Blast in East Jordan. Last year, it was held Feb. 23. This year, with pandemic, the date is still up in the air; however, they have set Feb. 20 as a tentative date. If possible, the Bikini Radar Run will happen again this year.

The actual name is TNT’s Ride Like A Girl To Save The Girls. This comes from women riders who have formed a group. The TNT stands for “Tits N Trails.” (Do not send me death threats over this; they are the ones that came up with it.)

Bikini,snowmobile,Bikini Radar Run,charity

Bikini,snowmobile,Bikini Radar Run,charity

Their group helps and supports women who like to ride snowmobiles —a worthy cause itself. For this, they are raising money for breast cancer research. That is where the “Ride Like a Girl to Save the Girls” comes from.

I asked Courtney why a bikini run and she replied, “I have seen them and I thought this would be fun, something I just wanted to try. So, I had the idea to get some friends together and put this on.”

To that end, it is quickly becoming a success. Last year, the event raised about $11,000 that went to help with breast cancer. Most of the money raised stays in the area and does not go to some far-away company. It goes to help local people.

“We do not have a minimum amount for racers to raise,” she said. “But the racers, like racers tend to do, have turned this into a competition. They work hard to see who can raise the most money. We even have a prize for the person who raises the most money.”

Bikini,snowmobile,Bikini Radar Run,charity

Bikini,snowmobile,Bikini Radar Run,charity

Courtney said “person” for a reason. It is not just women who participate. A few guys also don a bikini and ride. (I will not comment on that. They are doing it for a good cause, and we need to support them. But forget the idea of me in a bikini on a sled. Not something anyone needs to ever see.)

Then, I asked, “Do you guys get cold?”

She replied, “No. First, with the adrenaline, you really don’t notice it. Also, we have a heated trailer, where we keep warm while we are waiting to run.

“I want to encourage everyone to come out and support us. And if you can’t come in person, please contact us if you would like to donate. The money goes to help people who really need help. Also, we are always looking for new riders. So, if you want to have some fun racing across the snow in a bikini just get hold of us. We have a whole lot of fun, and it is for a very worthy cause.” •

To contact Courtney about the Bikini Radar Run, call her at (231) 357-0193, email her at or contact her on Facebook at TNT’s Ride Like A Girl To Save A Girl.

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