MISORVA Meets in St. Ignace

As the newly elected Officers assume their appointed duties, the first meeting of the Michigan Snowmobile and ORV Association (MISORVA) took place at the Kewadin Resort and Casino in St. Ignace located at 3015 Mackinac Trail. Approximately 55 snowmobile and off-road enthusiasts turned out to discuss concerns facing both of these motorized recreational endeavors as we move forward into 2020. Unfortunately, there were no Department of Natural Resources personnel in attendance, even though the Parks and Recreation Division of the Department administers and manages both programs.

Among the several items listed on the agenda, always a very important issue is new member recruitment and retention of current members. What can be offered that would encourage non-member snowmobilers and off-road vehicle enthusiasts to join forces and take part in preserving motorized recreational access on public lands while developing additional trails and areas to ride? This seems to be an on-going dilemma with no good answer. There are many benefits to be had that may not be considered by most because on the surface they aren’t really for personal gain, and unfortunately the “what’s in it for me” attitude overrides the privileges gained for everyone in the long run.

A proposal that perhaps a Public Relations Committee met with positive response from a majority of the attendees and discussion of what would be the goals and overall duties of the committee members produced several very good ideas. Of primary concern is to get a positive image out to the public about the mission of MISORVA, and dispel the misinformation circulating about any underlying reasons for the merger of the two primary trail user groups, and the only two that have a self-funding formula that pays for the upkeep and maintenance of not only the trails, but for both program’s grooming equipment as well. A committee chairperson was appointed and is now actively seeking committee members to move the established goals forward.

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