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Cedarville Club Adds 18 More Snowmobilers To Our World

This is a story I do just about every year. The reason is that it is always a good story. You see, every year, the Les Cheneaux Snowmobile Club has a Snowmobile Safety Class over the Christmas Break. Every year, they invite all the area kids, and adults, to come in and take the Snowmobile Safety Class.

As you know, upon reaching the age of 12, kids have the option of taking a Class, and then getting a Certificate that allows them to legally head out onto the Trails, without having to drag an adult along. For me, I can still remember that time. Almost 50 years ago now. That was like, “Freedom!”. I was off the back yard and the world was mine – more or less. Dad did give me borders. But five miles away was a lot farther then our back yard.

So I totally understand why these kids get so excited. But in this age of the Internet, why go to a real class when you can do it online. The answer was best stated by Joe Paradowski of St. Ignace. He was there with his two brothers, while mom and dad watched. Joe said, “It is way more real when you are here in person. You get a way better experience when you do it in person.”

At 15, Joe was an old hand at this. And, (I love this bit) as a former racer, he had been riding for quite a few years. And, from talking to him, was pretty good with a sled. Catching air and all the fun stuff. But he had two brothers, Andrew and Mike, 12 and 13. They too love to ride. Mom, Sarah, stated, “This is a really good class. The kids get to ask the instructors questions and the instructors really know their stuff.”

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