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Northeast L.P. Conditions


2/24  Trails are  in fair to  good condition.  Theres a little more snow west of town, so trails in that direction are looking good!  Heading north and south, you may encounter a bit less snow as you move out of our area, but conditions are still overall fair to good.  Both groomers have been running and we have a solid 3 – 4 inch base in most areas.  Trails were groomed Monday.

As always, check back with us for updates and weather reports.


2/26 Trails are mostly in poor to a few fair condition after warm temps and even some rain. Forecast does not look good for weekend so grooming has stopped and will not start without several inches of new snow. Trails have lots of bare spots in open areas which is not good.

Indian River

The snow started before daylight this morning and has already dropped a solid 3″ of snow. This snow is very dense with moisture. So what fell is heavy-packed slush on the bottom layer. It’s the kind of snow that will pull you around the trail (and the road).  At the rate it’s snowing we’ll end up with more than that. Temps at 34 contribute to the snow being this heavy consistency. We’ll probably need it to cool down before the tractors can run, otherwise the snow will clump up in the drag.  Trails are good to excellent.

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